Joiners & stayers


In our quest to develop a happier work-life we believe that every successful organization needs the right people to join and stay for the right reasons. This means that we want to identify and develop the aspects which convince people to join and stay. Ultimately we know that there is a strategy fit for every organisation to find the right joiners and turning them into stayers.


Matching the right person to the right job means identifying what kind of role you have and what kind of person can fit that job. This means asking yourself the question who is right for you in terms of hard and soft skills, because the JOINER has to fit the role, but he or she also has to fit the team.

We focus on identifying the following aspects:

  • What kind of need exists on the organisation?
  • What kind of hard skills are required to fit the role requirements?
  •  What kind of soft skills are required to fit the team requirements?
  • In what way is the organization right for the JOINER and how do their values align?


Whenever you find the right person to JOIN your organization, it is crucial to motivate them to STAY. With motivation we do not mean external motivations, such as a higher salary, new car or better office, but internal motivations such as creating a culture, set of values and environment with which the JOINER identifies him- or herself. Organizational culture is crucial to whether your talented JOINER decides to STAY or not. Identification with the culture provides both a sense of security and freedom as an individual’s personal values align with those from the organisation.

We focus on identifying the following aspects:

  • How is your current organizational culture defined?
  • What has to be changed to convince your talent to STAY?
  • How can we identify and formulate the desired cultural change?