Culture & Values


Ensuring that the right people stay in your organisation.

Culture can make or break organizations. It is one of the reasons why people join a company and it is the main reason which makes them stay and develop themselves. It is your culture that dictates how constructive and productive your employees are. That is why it is vital to create a healthy culture and get it right.

Now that you know why you should be concerned about creating the right culture, we will give you some examples on when it is a good idea to think about cultural change. Think about:

  1. Whenever current culture reinforces unwanted behaviour
  2. New mergers, acquisitions or joint-ventures
  3. Change in organizational structure or leadership
  4. Huge increase or decrease in numbers of employees


Only by understanding the present can we change the future.

No matter the motivation, change can never ‘just’ be implemented top-down. Change starts from the bottom up so it is important to know how the foundation is laid out. We can give you an assessment of your organisational culture and how that influences your organisational in a broader sense.

List of services:

  • Analyzing and drawing up a desired key set of behaviours in a new culture
  • Evaluating onboarding and personal development processes
  • Assessment of incentive programs and their effectiveness
  • Observing team interactions
  • Determining culture champions (who dictate the tone of internal culture)
  • Determining attitudes from employee surveys
  • Evaluating current experiences, philosophy and values which guide current behaviour


Translation and formulation are key to identification.

Culture is an abstract term which tries to grasp human behaviour and social interaction. If it is not defined properly it is hard to understand and identify with. We can help you define the core values which will let your employees identify with your culture.

List of services:

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Aligning vision, mission and purpose
  • Determining key values
  • Content creation