About Us


Peops Relations was founded by Line Thomson with the desire to do things differently. Her ambition is to develop happier work lives for people and challenge the way we think about work.


Work contributing to happiness and purpose in life.


To increase relationships assets in organisations by insights and action.


To get most out of the part of life called work, we ensure that the right people join and stay. For the right reasons.

Our Approach

We focus on starting and maintaining sustainable relationships to support your organisation. We ensure that we find the right people and empower them to stay.


Find the right person by area of expertise.

Jannica Strömberg
People & Admin Guru

Jannica is our HR admin and has a background in HR and customer service. She has worked in different roles dealing with all sorts of customers and treating them with care. Her strength is her combined academic background in HR and her experience working with customers, she has what you’d call a ‘knack’ for working with people.

Line Thomson
Founder and Consultant

Line is the founder of Peops Relations and has a background in HR and business administration. She has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and is mainly specialized in setting up and running HR departments and organizations at large. She has a strong desire to empower people in their work and truly believes that the right job can contribute to happiness.

Rolf Kusch
Content writer

Rolf is the latest addition to our team and has a background in business administration and politics. He has worked a couple of years within sales and HR, mainly in account management and representative functions. His strength is his analytical skillset combined with his pragmatic attitude, translating strategies to operations and vice versa. He is mainly involved with our written content and business structure.

Tobias Thomson
Project Leader/Analyst

Tobias is our project leader/analyst and has a background as a principal and school manager. He has worked as an inspector within the education of local authorities, municipalities and companies. He even has experience working with skill assessments and recruitment. His strength lies in his ability to organize, from a holistic overview down into the smallest detail and back.


We are action-oriented people and believe our actions will define us. To guide us and to get our priorities we have decided on these core values.


For us a relationship is a two-way street and transparency, honesty and respect are the foundation. We believe that this is the most efficient way towards a sustainable solution. We therefore not only demand this from ourselves and our consultants, but also ask this from our clients. This requires the courage and freedom to open up.


We are advocates of change, whether that means bringing in a new face to the team or changing internal culture in a positive way. This requires courage and stepping outside the normal boundaries, but we feel this is necessary to achieve the best results and acquire a sense of freedom. Matching the right person to the right job means he or she will feel a sense of newfound freedom which matches their skills. Changing a culture to one that your employees can identify with opens up a sense of freedom in their everyday work-life. This is what drives us.


Working towards a happier work-life requires commitment, both from us and from our clients. Commitment is build-up of drive and engagement. We believe that this is the only way of achieving your objectives, even if they seem impossible. We know that finding that right match or changing your organizational culture is hard, but we are committed to realizing your goal.


Our combined values drive us to challenge what is called ‘normal’ within an organisation. We want to push boundaries and together come to sustainable solutions which satisfy all parties involved. This makes us critical to the current normative and together we want to challenge what is really necessary and improve what can be changed for the better. Change requires transparency, courage and commitment, and we are the experts that can help you on your road towards a happier work-life.

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